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The Devastation of Hurricane Sandy 

devastation of hurricane sandy

In the past few days, we have witnessed millions of Americans devastated by the loss of their homes, their property, and their livestock. Much of the East Coast had been shut down in preparation for the storm. Estimated losses due to business interruptions have been at $50 billion. This made it one of the costliest storms in history, only coming in second to Hurricane Katrina. It has been given the nickname, “Frankenstorm“, since it came too close to Halloween.

Since the 26th of October, schools all over the East Coast were shut down. Numerous states have declared a state of emergency, shutting down all forms of transportation, and the evacuation of residents in flood-prone areas have commenced. New York was shut down, and residents of Lower Manhattan and those near the coastlines have been evacuated. Shelters have already been put up in preparation for this superstorm. However, no one was prepared as to what they saw once they have returned to their respective homes.

Though more than a week has already passed since this superstorm hit, the effects are still being felt. Homes have been damaged, upended, and destroyed. Cars are flooded and rendered unusable. Filth, debris, sand, and mud covered the streets of more than half a dozen states. Power was cut off and most people would have to make do with candles in their homes. Good for those families with electronic vehicles because they were able to use their car’s batteries to keep their homes running while electricity was out. For others, they waited around news crews to supply them with just enough power to charge their cellular phones and communicate with their loved ones to let them know that they are okay.

Because of the fuel shortages caused by Hurricane Sandy, New York City has enforced gas rationing which will begin on Friday, November 09, 2012, at 6 AM. This is a mirror to the scheme that was enforced in New Jersey a few days back. Motorists could only buy fuel every other day, following the odd-even license plate system.

Despite all this devastations though, the will to push forward is still there. Communities formed groups for clean up and the like. Relief projects are everywhere – providing people with temporary shelters, food, and clothing. Celebrities and philanthropists flock by the dozen and donate whatever they can. There was even a little girl who set up a donation box and the money to be forwarded to Red Cross for those who need it most.

On a sad note, the death toll on this superstorm has risen to 106 as of November 3. The impact of the storm is said to have rivaled the 9/11 terrorist attack.

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